Artistic and Inline-speed Skating surfaces

Inline-Speed Skating

Skate with confidence and grace on our cutting-edge synthetic resin skating surfaces.

Artistic Skating

Designed for artistic skaters, these surfaces provide a consistent and controlled grip, allowing skaters to execute precise footwork, jumps, and spins with ease.

Sports and versatile surfaces


Courting Excellence: Advancing Tennis Court Experiences with Cutting-edge Resin Surfaces


Versatility Redefined: Empowering Multisport Environments with Innovative Resin Surfaces


Pedal to Perfection: Advancing Velodrome Surfaces for Optimal Cycling Performance


Elevating Track Experiences: Redesigning and Reinventing Restyling Surfaces

Surfaces and applications

Commercial surfaces

Seamless Solutions for Commercial Spaces: Empowering Environments with Resin Surface Innovations

Industrial surfaces

Unleashing Strength and Reliability: Revolutionizing Industrial Environments with Resin Surface Solutions

Civil surfaces

Enhancing Urban Spaces: Innovative Solutions for Civil Application Surfaces